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It’s a garbage news day for Kansas State, but Twin Peaks is back!

Seriously, we had to dredge the ocean floor to find anything for you today.

Yeah, it’s still just as weird as it used to be.
Yeah, it’s still just as weird as it used to be.

Last night was two hours of complete and utter weirdness on Showtime. After 25 years, season three of Twin Peaks finally started.

Even as a huge fan of the show, last night was bizarre and disturbing. Freed from network interference, David Lynch is able to move along at his own pace, instilling his sensibilities. The result was a premiere which had all of the weird and none of the normal of the original series. The plot, thus far, is inscrutable — but then, with David Lynch, does the plot even matter?

Yes, this is what happens when the off-season sets in. Sorry.

Seriously, there was nothing out there to report today, except for this Where Are They Now? tidbit. In the South Central regional of the Division II Baseball Championship, a familiar name popped up. Regional top seed Angelo State survived one more game, knocking off Lubbock Christian behind seven innings of two-hit relief from Jake Mathys.

You remember him. He was all-Big 12 for K-State’s Super Regional team back in 2013 before hightailing it out of Manhattan along with everyone else a year later.

Open thread Monday, folks. Communicate, community.