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Baseball is on fire, Basketball is on tonight

35 runs in two games?! And the men take on Baylor

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports


Yesterday was International Women’s Day, so the BotC staff got together to pick the five greatest Wildcat women athletes, and discuss a few other things (we want softball!).


The BatCats have been on fire at home, and put up 35 runs on 38 hits in the mid-week series, sweeping the two-game series, to go along with 41 runs from the home-opening series sweep over the weekend. The Wildcats are averaging a near-absurd 1.85 runs per inning, 15.2 runs per game, and the Cats didn’t even play a full 8 on Wednesday thanks to the NCAA run rule.


The men’s team is back in action tonight, and as the 6-seed in the Big 12 Tournament will take on 3-seed Baylor in the late-late game, with tip-off scheduled for 8pm.

We’ll have all the coverage you need right here at Bring on the Cats, and be sure to check out our Facebook page as Gracey will be live from the Power and Light District in Kansas City at 3pm.