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Kindred Wesemann, Sniper; John Currie, Villain

Plus the story of Dana Altman’s exit and some football bits.

You’re going to miss her more than you thought.
You’re going to miss her more than you thought.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

I remember four years ago. Leticia Romero was the Big Thing that season, but I was already clamoring for someone else to get a little love.

Last night, as reported by Luke Thompson, Kindred Wesemann completely trashed the three-point shooting contest which is part of the Final Four festivities in Arizona. Wesemann didn’t just win the Marine’s Women’s 3-Point Championship; her scores in each of the competition’s three rounds were the three best scores in the entire competition.

And then she capped off her night by beating Iowa’s Peter Jok in the Shoe Carnival Battle of the Champions. Girl power, yo.

Athletic Director Follies

There’s smoke about the potential retirement of Mike Holder at Oklahoma State. Bill Haisten of the Tulsa World got the ball rolling on this, and then the Oklahoman’s Berry Tramel threw out a name: former Wildcat money man Chad Weiberg. Haisten, in response, allows that Weiberg might be the Cowboys’ top priority (autoplay video warning).

Men’s Basketball

Bill Reiter at CBS absolutely destroyed John Currie yesterday, putting him up against the wall for pushing Frank Martin out the door (autoplay warning).

As we passed on yesterday, Jon Wefald subtly blasted Currie, too. Eloise Ogden of the Minot Daily News has a good feature on Minot native Wefald ahead of ceremonies in Manhattan dedicating K-State’s newest residence hall which is named in Wefald’s honor. The former president’s caught a ton of grief from some folks, but he probably mended some injuries Wednesday.

Martin’s getting most of the attention, but Dana Altman’s got stories too. Dirk Chatelain of the Omaha World-Herald delves into the shenanigans which led to Altman bolting Manhattan for Creighton. It’s fascinating to learn Altman had already accepted the job when Askia Jones went off on Fresno State.


It’s that time when mock drafts start becoming more prevalent. Bleacher Report’s Kristopher Knox doesn’t have Jordan Willis going in the first round, but says he does “believe he could easily end up there”.

The ESPN Big 12 blog roundtable this week discusses 2017 Big 12 defenses. Max Olson tabs K-State for the biggest decline (it’s ESPN, so automatic autoplay warning).

Today’s Action

Both tennis and baseball are at home today, with the racketeers taking on Wichita State at 3pm and the BatCats starting a three-game set with third-ranked TCU at Tointon at 6:30.