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Former President has strong words

Someone else didn’t like Currie...

Kansas State v Wisconsin Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

With everyone off yesterday and today, there’s not much going on around the K-State universe. So we’ll just jump right in with the most contentious news dropped in a while.


Kellis Robinett at the Wichita Eagle talked to former K-State president Jon Wefald and others about the two former K-State coaches that are leading teams into the 2017 Final Four, and Wefald dropped this about Martin and Currie:

“Frank should still be at K-State,” Wefald said. “John Currie wanted to hire his own coach, and they didn’t get along. It’s too bad. Frank told me many times that he wanted to coach here until he retired. Indeed, he told me that for a year or two after he left here.

“Now, of course, Frank is a Gamecock and he loves his job completely. But if someone like Tim Weiser, for example, had been the athletic director at K-State or someone like him in 2012 and in the years to come, Frank Martin would still be K-State’s head basketball coach.”

This is, however, coming from a man famous for his own rift with none-other than the mentioned Tim Weiser.

As basketball coaches go, Joel Jellison at the Manhattan Mercury writes that Dana Altman and Bruce Weber actually ahve some similarities, notably following a highly favored coach who left abruptly and not being well-liked by the fans.


Steve Lassan at Athlon Sports ranked all 130 FBS starting quarterbacks heading into the spring of 2017, and Jesse Ertz ranks all the way up at 25th (h/t wildcat57).


After a few months to settle into the job, K-State president Richard Meyers says that they will be looking at updates to the 2025 Campaign, spear-headed by former K-State president Kirk Schulz, to make sure that the campaign is still able to reach it’s goals in the ever-changing landscape. The goal is still the same, but Meyers says the path to that goal will likely be different.