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Calm Before the Catfight, and Cold Bats

Day off for basketball reporters, baseball still cold

Baseball school. JT VanGilder


It was all calm around the K-State universe yesterday after the late night Tuesday. However, we do have a smattering of basketball stories in the lead-up to Friday’s game against Cincinnati.

Matt Kawahara at the Sacramento Bee profiles the Wildcats long, tough road that brought them to Sacramento. Kellis Robinett, via the Wichita Eagle, says the Wildcats are looking to carry the momentum from their win with them as they head west. Kevin Haskin at the Topeka Capital-Journal is also talking about momentum, and that’s a good thing in March; and the Cats have the underdog chip going for them as well.

Or SBNation cousins over at Down the Drive, the Cincinnati community, have their look at who the Wildcats are. Be sure and stop by BotC a little later this morning as our own Luke Thompson will be profiling the Bearcats for us.


Over at Tointon Family Stadium, the BatCats remain as cold as the weather in Manhattan. After giving up two of three last weekend to UC Riverside, the Cats dropped a 5-2 decision to the 2-14 Mavericks of Nebraska-Omaha. Colton Kalmus gave up two runs in the first to the visitors, before setting down six straight, and gave up two more runs in the top of the 4th; that was all the Mavericks needed to keep the Cats at bay. K-State managed their two runs on just six hits, led by Jake Wodtke’s two hits.

The Cats return to action on Friday night, as K-State hosts the Iowa Hawkeyes. First pitch on Friday is set for 6:30pm, and it will be green day at the ballpark in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. The weather in Manhattan is also expected to be much warmer this weekend, hopefully it can get the bats warmed back up as well.