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Wildcats Breaking Barriers

It sure is quiet around here...

Veryl Switzer

With the K-State women off this week, and all the stories and news from the men’s game on Monday dropped yesterday, and literally no other K-State sporting event happening until this weekend...well, it’s quiet around here.

That does mean we get to do a bit of catch-up, as lost in the lead-up to the big match-ups on Saturday and Monday, we completely missed mentioning that K-State Ring of Honor member, and Riley, Kansas’s favorite son, Jordy Nelson was named the NFL Comeback Player of the Year during last Sunday’s Super Bowl. Nelson missed all of 2015 with an ACL tear, joining half the K-State football team on the M.A.S.H. unit, but popped right back to have a a really good season this year (again, much like his K-State football brethren). Congrats, Jordy, and thanks for continuing to rep K-State so well!

February is Black History Month, and so K-State Sports Extra featured a native Manhattan-ite, Mr. Dave Baker, who played baseball at K-State, following in the pioneering steps of Earl Woods, and later coached the Wildcats from 1978-1983 becoming the first and only African-American head baseball coach in Big 8/12 history. K-State broke other ground as well, having the first scholarship black athletes in football, basketball, and baseball in the then-Big Seven conference, Harold Robinson, Gene Wilson, and Earl Woods, respectively. As the story notes, Robinson played football for K-State from 1949-50, becoming the first African-American student-athlete at K-State and in the Big Seven to be awarded an athletic scholarship for any sport. Robinson paved the way for K-State HoF and football Ring on Honor member Veryl Switzer to join the Wildcats in 1950.