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Kansas State and the day between top-five games

One day to ponder, rest, and hopefully recharge

Tonight, K-State could suddenly turn disaster into a lock.
Tonight, K-State could suddenly turn disaster into a lock.
Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

This is becoming a theme, but a thing happened yesterday we’re not talking about today.

(Run the dang ball. That is all.)

As for what we will talk about, it’s all basketball this Monday morning. We’ve had a day to let the bad feelings about the final nine minutes of Saturday’s game to dissipate, and we’re feeling pretty okay about the win now. Yes, those pesky concerns are still present. But you beat #2 on the road, well, get over it and enjoy, yes?

Unfortunately, you only get about 50 hours to do it. Tonight, the hated non-existent flock waddles into Bramlage. The Cats almost stole one in Lawrence last month, before the enemy was able to walk off with a win. Reason suggests that this should translate into about a four-point win for the good guys tonight, but the sporting gods are wicked and capricious masters.

The AP, via FOX Sports, previews tonight’s contest, while ESPN’s Dana O’Neill asks a relevant question: through which town does the road to the Big 12 title pass now?

As is common on Monday mornings where K-State plays on Big Monday after a Saturday game, there’s not a lot of material to share yet, so this is it for today. Stay tuned for our usual potpourri of pre-game coverage, and join us tonight for what could very well be something special: a second-straight win over a top-five team. Just 48 hours ago, we were pondering just how far K-State tournament chances were going to plummet over the course of the next week. Now?

Well, now K-State’s in position to potentially all but lock up an at-large bid, barring a complete and utter collapse down the stretch. A win tonight, combined with the Baylor and West Virginia wins, will be awfully hard for the committee to ignore if K-State’s on the bubble.

What a world.