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Cleaning up after Kansas State’s National Signing Day action

One signee’s status clarified, some soccer croots, and... Baylor.

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One last piece of the K-State National Signing Day puzzle fell into place this morning as offensive lineman Aidan Mills (Newton, Kan.) settled his status as a member of the 2017 class. Mills submitted his letter of intent on Wednesday along with the rest of the class, but he wasn’t announced by the school because he was initially set to grayshirt. However, he has now been added to the 2017 class and will instead redshirt while he recovers, and the school has officially welcomed him aboard. Correction: it now appears that Mills will in fact greyshirt. The Star’s Kellis Robinett tweeted at 4:06pm confirming this, and correcting his earlier report.

In other football news, ESPN’s Mark Schlabach has unveiled his post-NSD way-too-early top 25, and the Wildcats check in at #17. The numbers guys here at SB Nation, as usual, are not as optimistic; Bill Connelly, who of course HATES US, has K-State ranked 35th.

And now, the thing you’ll all spend today talking about: the latest Baylor reveals. We’re not going to go into detail here, because in their own self-flagellating report our friends at Our Daily Bears provide all the gory details. There are two things here of note: one, credit to our colleagues for openly acknowledging that their school is without question culpable. Two, regardless of the guilt or innocence of any Baylor player, the shenanigans in which the coaching staff and athletic department engaged to obfuscate matters are absolutely and unequivocally reprehensible. Art Briles should never be allowed to coach one more minute of football.

Men’s Basketball

Hey, guess who’s no longer in USA Today’s projected tournament field?


Women’s Basketball

Better news here, as Bob Narang at the Chicago Tribune offers a brief glimpse at incoming Wildcat recruit Cymone Goodrich.


Yesterday, JT mentioned that Mike Dibbini honored his scholarship offer to California recruit Karisma Carmichael despite an ACL injury. The Wildcats also signed 11 other players for their first real season in the Big 12, including four more Cali girls, a Hawai’ian, and a couple of Cornhuskers. Claire Calcaterra helped her Santa Margarita Catholic (Calif.) team reach the #1 ranking in the nation this winter, while Carmichael was a high school All-American as a sophomore. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for the class. Good stuff.


K-State hosts Connecticut this afternoon at 3pm, so be there or be square. In today’s Sports Extra, Corbin McGuire reports on the doubles partnership between sophomores Millie Stretton and Ana Garcia Navas.


I think this has been discussed in comments, but we’ll close with this heartwarming little tale. For the first time, K-State Vet Med has surgically installed a pacemaker... in a ferret. Here’s hoping Zelda gets the full 10 years due her.