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Kansas State gets revenge on Buckeyes

And Wesley Iwundu taking charge

Best start to the season in awhile, huh?
Best start to the season in awhile, huh?

Short and sweet today:

The BatCats got the season off to a pretty good start this weekend, taking three of four in the Sunshine State Classic in Kissimmee, Fla. K-State and Pittsburgh both went 3-1 on the weekend, but since the Cats beat the Panthers yesterday, guess who wins the tournament? (Also, Pitt got to play 0-4 Delaware twice, so K-State’s 3-1 just looks better period.)

The final victory was yesterday’s revenge win against Ohio State, a 3-2 affair decided by an RBI single by Jake Scudder in the top of the eighth inning. That sent the Buckeyes to a 2-2 record on the weekend. Our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land have their version of the story, too.

In other news, Ken Corbitt of the Capital-Journal writes about Wesley Iwundu and how he’s picking up the pace as the season lurches toward its end.

We’ll close today with WEIRD. Daniel Webster College, a D-III school in Nashua, N.H., is closing after this semester; the financially-strapped institution has been purchased by ITT Tech, and we all know what that means. That’s always sad news. Their basketball team was going out on a high note, but recently it’s all unraveled. On the court, the Eagles had gone unbeaten at home, but a recent finding that DWC had played an ineligible player caused five wins, four of them at home, to be vacated. That, in turn, knocked them out any chance of reaching the NECC tournament.

But the worst, they saved for last. In what suddenly turned into their final game ever since they’ll miss the conference tourney, the Eagles led visiting Southern Vermont — the first-place team in the NECC — 56-38 with 14:34 to play. And then this, courtesy of our pals at, happened:

Three arrests, including two Daniel Webster players. It took 25 cops to finally stop the brawl. And the final game in Daniel Webster College history goes down as a 2-0 loss, because they were forced to forfeit.

So cheer up, Wildcat fans. It could definitely be worse, right?