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SLATE: Kansas State gets a bid to Phoenix and revenge in Nashville

There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time.

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You’ll of course recall the LAST time K-State was in the Phoenix area.
You’ll of course recall the LAST time K-State was in the Phoenix area.

The serious part of K-State‘s football season this year began with a loss to Vanderbilt in Nashville. Three years ago, the season ended with a loss to UCLA in the Alamo Bowl.

Yesterday, as AMS reported, the Wildcat basketball team avenged their brothers, again in Nashville, while your benevolent despot reported that the football team learned they’d get their own shot at revenge later this month against UCLA in the Cactus Bowl.

Circles within circles. The wheel turns.

There were only two relevant items on the docket yesterday, so for the most part you get bullet points this morning. Onward:


Dean Straka of DieHards noticed something most of us sort of didn’t bother with: the single point K-State received courtesy of a 25th-place vote on one ballot was good enough to give the Wildcats the right to declare themselves the Big 12’s fourth-best team.

In yesterday’s Sports Extra, Corbin McGuire reported on the death of Kaiden Schroeder on behalf of the athletic department.

Reactions to the bowl announcement:

  • K-State’s official announcement.
  • Today’s Sports Extra features McGuire’s early preview, with quotes from Bill Snyder and ticket information.
  • At the mothership, Alex Kirshner ranks all 40 bowl games, and the Cactus Bowl lands somewhere in the middle
  • Travis Mewhirter of DieHards lets UCLA fans know what to expect, which is good because his analysis is superficial.


The link above was to the quick reaction post from AMS; Eric provided a more 2indepth4u analysis later in the evening. More reactions:

Also, buried within an official Orlando Magic report on Terrence Ross’s knee injury comes the news that Wes Iwundu has again been recalled from Lakeland. (It is now, by the way, Wes rather than Wesley. Don’t know if that’s his preference or whether it just sort of happened.)

That’s it for today, other than Go Sooners, Go Trojans, and Go #UnholyAlliance, because even if you hate Missouri there are few things better than watching Texas finish under .500 YET AGAIN.