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Slate: Football Outlook Much Improved

Oh, what a difference four minutes can make in a season.

Kansas State v Texas Tech
This picture may have been snapped about two seconds too early.
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We’re late today because technology and two-factor authentication are stupid. Sorry, all.


On Friday Jon took time to recount the uproar in Manhattan over a vehicle tagged with racist graffiti and threats. He noted that such behavior had not previously been the norm at K-State, and that it represented an apparent deterioration in the university environment on issues of racial equality and acceptance. The university markets “Family,” and with a few disappointing exceptions, it seems to truly embrace the idea of treating everyone as equal in the brotherhood and sisterhood of K-State. It is disheartening that, in light of recent events, some of our minority brothers’ and sisters’ sense of belonging has slipped a bit.

Yesterday we learned that the incident was a hoax, perpetrated by the owner of the vehicle, Dauntarius Williams. Mr. Williams claims that it was a “Halloween prank” that got out of hand. One might wonder what kind of prank goes so far as filing a false report and wasting resources of both local law enforcement and the FBI. Riley County Attorney Barry Wilkerson, nevertheless, determined that pressing charges “would not be in the best interests of the citizens who comprise the Manhattan community.” Williams is a young man who made an immature mistake, in the county attorney’s eyes. Prosecutorial discretion certainly permits Mr. Wilkerson to make this decision.

The Capital-Journal reported that the Black Student Union believes charges should have been brought. Its letter, which can be read in its entirety on the link, states: “No matter who wrote the despicable and hateful speech, we, the K-State Black Student Union will never stand for hate or threatening speech.”

We should, in part, be relieved that nobody in the K-State or Manhattan community directed bigotry or threats toward Mr. Williams because of his ethnicity. We should also find it disturbing that anyone would think it a joke to falsely accuse unknown perpetrators, solely based on stereotypes arising out of their race, of making hateful and criminal threats. Thankfully, nobody was wrongly arrested. Sadly, law enforcement resources were wasted on a callous hoax. The action, as the Black Student Union suggested, is no less an act of hate than if it had been carried out by a white person. Frivolous intent aside, its Genesis lies in bigotry, and the act carelessly or intentionally drove a wedge in race relations. What Jon said Friday still stands: There is no place for this kind of thing at K-State or in Manhattan. There should be no place for it anywhere.


Duke Shelly won the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week award for his pick-6, four tackle, two pass breakup performance against Texas Tech. AMS recounted the other particulars.


After a slow start hampered by unreliable hands, Byron Pringle has rediscovered the form that tantalized us at the end of last season. Over the past four games, he has 14 catches for 337 yards.

On the Big 12 Coaches’ teleconference, Bill Snyder continued to express optimism that Jesse Ertz will play again this year, and that he leads the pecking order when he is ready. (KC Star) Kellis Robinett takes a contrarian view in his Monday rewind, making the case for Skylar Thompson to start at quarterback. (Wichita Eagle)

The athletic department previewed this week’s game against West Virginia, which is Fort Riley day and kicks off at 2:30.

It was a quiet week for Wildcats in the NFL. Several alumni are injured, unfortunately. (

Cross Country

Senior Lukas Koch had a defining moment near the end of the Big 12 Championship. He and his teammates hope to carry the magic on to Regionals, and beyond. (Corbin McGuire, K-State Sports Extra)


The second leg of the Sunflower Showdown, volleyball edition, takes place tomorrow at 6:30 in Lawrence. Man, has any rivalry ever so badly needed a better name?

Women’s Basketball

Jeff Mittie’s charges put a balanced effort on the floor in their last exhibition game to dispatch Fort Hays State 61-46. Sophomore Peyton Williams dropped in 20 points, on 8-for-11 shooting. This two-sport gig does not seem to have hampered her development whatsoever.