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SLATE: Kansas State football reaps praise, basketball preps for Northern Arizona

The big winter sports changeover is nearly upon us.

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The legend, post-game yesterday.
The legend, post-game yesterday.
Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

The clock winds down on one sport, and starts ticking faster on another. Tonight, the Wildcat men will take on Northern Arizona at Bramlage, and we’ll have all the usual coverage as the day goes on. Tomorrow, Bill Snyder will have his final regular-season pre-game press conference of 2017.

That’s always fun.


Skylar Thompson wasn’t hurt that badly after all, it seems. Kellis Robinett reports that Thompson is healthy and ready to try and weather a Cyclone or 11 on Saturday.

At the mothership, our ancient nemesis Bill Connelly rattles off his teams of the week, and naturally he completely disrespects us by... wait, we’re number one? Well, okay then.

Dan Wolken of USA Today has Oklahoma State number one. Number one on the misery index, anyway, which is like saying K-State is number one.

If it’s Monday, it’s time to see who Shehan Jeyarajah at Diehards picked as his Big 12 players of the week. Why, look. There’s Skylar Thompson as Newcomer of the Week. And what’s this? Why, that’s Byron Pringle as both Offensive Player of the Week AND Special Teams Player of the Week.

Unfortunately, Jeyarajah failed to complete the set, giving the defensive award to TCU cornerback Jeff Gladney. To be fair, K-State’s stellar defensive performance for 40 minutes was a team effort with no one guy standing out, so even though we’ll argue that the final 20 minutes wasn’t the fault of anyone wearing a uniform, Gladney deserved it for the 93-yard pick-six which screwed Texas Tech out of a chance to actually score a touchdown.


Ken Corbitt previews tonight’s game, while Kellis Robinett talks with Bruce Weber about the hectic nature of the early-season schedule.

In today’s Sports Extra, Corbin McGuire takes a look at this year’s rule changes and points of emphasis for officials. Short version: feet must be roughly shoulder width now on screens, the space a defender must allow an offensive player to make a “normal basketball move” now includes room to pivot, a change to shot clock rules on defensive fouls and kicked balls out of bounds, and some other stuff.

As for the women, they escaped North Texas with a 55-54 win last night after trailing by 11, coming back, then falling behind again by 7. Brett Vito of the Denton Record-Chronicle has the opposing perspective.