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SLATE: Kansas State football tries to regroup

Meanwhile, WBB is in action tonight against Nebraska-Omaha.

D.J. Reed is the man, though.
D.J. Reed is the man, though.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a pretty glum day in Wildcat Town as we continue to try and grasp just what the heck happened Saturday.

We’re still at a loss.

As if losing a game that should have been over by halftime isn’t bad enough, we can all deal with the fact that West Virginia was penalized for beating the Wildcats, falling a spot (from 23 to 24) in the AP poll yesterday.

Meanwhile, both Oklahoma schools moved up two spots — Oklahoma to #3 and Oklahoma State to #10 — but the Sooners found themselves leapfrogged in a big way. Miami, ranked seventh last week, vaulted all the way to number two after choking the life out of previously third-ranked Notre Dame. The Hurricanes literally swapped places with Georgia, last week’s runner-up to Alabama in the AP poll. TCU fell three spots to 11, while Iowa State fell out of the rankings after their narrow loss to the Cowboys.

And then there’s Central Florida, who remained unbeaten but didn’t move an inch from the 14 spot while a pair of crappy two-loss teams (USC and Penn State) jumped over them.

Oh, you want links and stuff, huh?

Ken Corbitt on Matthew McCrane and his record-setting day which should have included four field goals, not three. Corbin McGuire also weighs in on the record in yesterday’s Sports Extra.

Scott Wright at the Oklahoman offers an early preview of this weekend’s bloodbath in Stillwater. Of course, he says Jayd Kirby is the best player on the K-State defense, and while we’re really happy that Kirby’s turned a corner the last few weeks, that’s absurd. Or, one might say, REEDiculous.

Speaking of which, game time has been set for Saturday; the Cats and Pokes will kick off at 2:30 on ESPN2. All five Big 12 games this week will be over by dinner. Or earlier, if you want to consider “over” to be a metaphysical state addressing the inevitable outcome, since the other 2:30 game is Oklahoma-Kansas.


In today’s Sports Extra, McGuire focuses on the veterans on this year’s women’s basketball roster. Meanwhile, the entire squad will be taking on the Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks tonight at Bramlage. Tip-off is at 7pm, and we’ll have a H2W/open thread for you later.