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Slate: Does K-State have Reason for Optimism?

That depends on your outlook. And maybe what sport we’re talking about.

Kansas State v Wisconsin
Jacob Pullen’s epic journey has brought him to the NBA, at last.
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Work obligations will take me from Topeka to three corners of Kansas (Ulysses, Colby, Beloit and KCK) over the next three days. But before I hit the road, my duty to the Slate must be fulfilled.


Well, there was a Slate yesterday. Then some pretty good commenting, followed by sulking. We’ve been doing far too much of that, lately. Maybe the news will perk us up.


Some good news via the Big 12 Coaches’ Teleconference: Coach Snyder says Jesse Ertz will play again this year for the ‘Cats. He also said the running game is “fixable.” Then fix it, Dear Billy.

Greg Woods (remember that guy?) at The Mercury recounted Coach Snyder’s laments about the offensive struggles.

In his weekly rewind of the tape, Kellis Robinett noted that K-State still has time to turn the season around, though the disappointing offense reached a new low Saturday. (Wichita Eagle)

The AP (via Fox Sports) reminds us that K-State has bounced back from a 3-3 start as recently as last year. The task seems taller this year, somehow. Doesn’t it?

The Mercury also reported that our old friend B.J,. Finney got the start at guard for the Steelers Sunday (Yay!) in their win over the previously undefeated Chiefs (Boo!).


Someone had the bright idea to petition the NCAA to permit schools to stage basketball exhibitions to raise money for hurricane relief. Kansas and Missouri have even agreed to temporarily bury the realignment hatchet to reprise their old hardwood grudge in Sprint Center. K-State’s answer to the sister school going big? Bruce’s boys will play Missouri State on Saturday at noon. You can get in for a donation of at least $5, and Coach Weber will match all donations, up to $10,000.

There may be reasons for the uninspiring answer, but the contest doesn’t pose anywhere near the intrigue that the KU-MU tilt does. Couldn’t we talk Greg Marshall into a game in Salina? Isn’t that the obvious answer? Marshall would have had a hard time refusing a charity proposal. If the Jayhawks and Tigers could set aside their enmities for a good cause, what was the roadblock preventing our own blockbuster? That match up would have drawn droves and raked in much more money. It’s the thought that counts, though. Right?

K-State Sports Extra chronicled Jacob Pullen’s second run at a career in the National Basketball Association, opining that timing is perfect.

Cross Country

The men’s cross country team earned a program-best No. 12 ranking in the Midwest Regional. Bright spot! ( Conference foes Oklahoma State and Iowa State are ranked 1 and 3, respectively.


With the hiring of Rob Heil and Erica Schilling, AD Gen Taylor has finalized his staff. Rob is a 2004 and 2006 K-State graduate, so he is already #Family. He will serve as Assistant Athletics Director for Development. Erica was an Assistant Athletics Director for Development at South Dakota, and will serve in the capacity of Associate Director of Development at K-State. Welcome, Erica, to the #Family. Someone in the know will have to explain the meaning of the subtle difference in the titles. In all, K-State now employs 13 athletic administrators.

See you after my mini-Odyssey. Jake is not impressed.