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Prelude to National Signing Day

Today’s Slate is dominated by signing day news, and we prep for the big day tomorrow.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Kansas State
Kansas State biggest hole may have been filled.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Today is an all recruiting slate as we prepare for tomorrow’s national signing day.


JT gave us a recap of this past week in recruiting, where-in Kansas State just missed out on a perfect week.

Gracey Terrill continued her dominance on National signing day with a trifecta of stories. First up, her interview with K-State commit: QB Sammy Wheeler.

Following Wheeler was OL Josh Rivas, who knows a “little heat never hurt anybody.”

Finally, RB Bernard Goodwater who prefers to keep it cool, both on and off the field.

Football (Recruiting)

Two on-campus visits this weekend led directly to commitments as both Antonio Oliver, a 6-0 cornerback, and Isaiah Stewart, a 6-0 safety, chose Kansas State, bringing the 2017 class to 18 players. (Ken Corbitt, Capital Journal)

Our friends over at California Golden Blog, covered the de-commitment of Da’Quan Patton, the 5th ranked Juco Linebacker, and his commitment to Kansas State. (Avinash Kunnath, California Golden Blog)