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Deloss Dodds Invitational begins weekend for Kansas State

This, and a few other random notes, are your Friday brunch.

Today, it’s all about the track and field
Today, it’s all about the track and field
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The bigtime weekend money action at K-State isn’t until tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean nothing’s going on in dear old Manhappiness. Saturday, the men host West Virginia while the women visit Iowa State. Today? Today, Ahearn is abuzz.

But before we get to that, let’s tip you off to yesterday’s Tournament Thursday from our pal Luke, where he notes that a conference road win is the correct direction.

Track and Field

Today and tomorrow at Ahearn, it’s time for the third annual DeLoss Dodds Invitational. Today is the opening stages of the heptathlon and pentathlon, while tomorrow will see the rest of the slate. The heptathlon features competiton from Colorado State and Baker, while only Colorado State will compete against the Wildcats in the pentathlon. Joining the fun tomorrow will be athletes from Oklahoma State, Tulsa, North Texas, and Fort Hays State. The first three schools are the same schools against whom the Wildcats competed in last year’s edition of the meet.


As mentioned earlier in the week, K-State will host a doubleheader tomorrow against South Dakota and UMKC.

Men’s Basketball

ESPN’s Myron Medcalf focuses on his five big games this weekend. One of them is at Bramlage, and Medcalf is picking the Wildcats to win by four.


Also at ESPN, Max Olson and Jake Trotter put together their list of the Big 12’s top 25 returning players. Four of them wear purple powercats: Dalton Risner, D.J. Reed, Reggie Walker, and Jesse Ertz.


There’s chaos in Wichita, it seems. Following the second transfer away from the women’s basketball program in only seven weeks, a boycott of a practice session, and a meeting between players and the athletic department to discuss the issue, Shockers head coach Jody Adams-Birch is not coaching the team this weekend. The administration is conducting an investigation, so this could end very, very badly.