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Whatever, this weekend was horrible

Except for the women’s basketball team, that is

We’re so mad nobody even posted yesterday.
We’re so mad nobody even posted yesterday.
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It’s been a horrible weekend, not only for K-State fans and Chiefs fans but also for our staff, who for various reasons simply couldn’t get you any #content yesterday. Our apologies.

Amazingly, today’s Slate will still be rather light even though we’re covering three days worth of nonsense.

Men’s Basketball

So, yeah, K-State got blowed up Saturday. Your fearless leader’s recap, as well as stories from Kellis Robinett at the Eagle, Ken Corbitt at the Capital-Journal, the AP recap via NBC Sports, and a staff report at the Waco Tribune —

Wait a minute. The paper of record in the hometown of the at-the-time number one team in the nation doesn’t have a beat writer? Okay, then.

Women’s Basketball

Meanwhile, down in Stillwater, Eternati Willock posted her first career double-double with 13 points and 13 boards, and Jeff Mittie’s squad got another 15 from Breanna Lewis as they absolutely crushed Oklahoma State (12-5, 2-4) 63-43. How bad was it? Oklahoma State only had 17 points at halftime. K-State scored 19 in the third quarter alone. Woof. The win was Mittie’s first in Stillwater as K-State head coach.

The Wildcats (14-4, 4-2) come home to face TCU (9-8, 1-5) on Wednesday night. Be there.


Well, at least they got to spend a weekend in Hawai’i. It was a bad opening salvo for the racquAts, as they got run 7-0 by Washington on Friday, then fell 4-3 to the hosts on Saturday. They’ll be home this Saturday for a doubleheader against South Dakota and UMKC.

That’s all we’ve got for you today, because we’re not talking about last night’s fiasco. The NFL is dead to us.