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Monday No News Open Thread

It’s the dead zone before everything goes asplody.

Life will be so much better in a few weeks.
Life will be so much better in a few weeks.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

There is literally almost nothing to share with you this fine Monday morning, except this piece on SportsBlog dot com from Lyle Harrison outlining the ten best non-conference games in week one. Checking in at #9, one spot ahead of A&M-UCLA, is the Cats’ visit to Stanford.

So, on this painfully slow Monday, we turn our weary eyes to you. We have questions for you.

  • What question facing the Wildcats this season are you most interested in seeing them answer?
  • Is Katie Ledecky, who swam the 400m freestyle last night faster than Mark Spitz ever did, a robot?
  • If you weren’t a K-State fan, which school would you root for?
  • Most importantly, where the heck are you people?

We’d also like to note that we’re looking for contributors. If you can string together coherent sentences and want to talk about K-State, we’re your huckleberry. Get in touch with Jon.