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It’s Opening Night at the Olympics

Your Friday compliation of random sightings of Wildcat stuff on the internet.

Y’all ready? We ready.
Y’all ready? We ready.
Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

Sports in which we’re actually interested here at BotC are about to launch themselves with full force right into our stunned faces in a big hurry, as not only are we gearing up for FOOTBAW but the 2016 Olympic Games make their grand entrance tonight. We’ll have an open thread for you for the (tape-delayed for no reason) opening ceremonies this evening, and over the next several days you can look forward to wildcat00 bringing your attention to the current and former Wildcats who are in Rio representing their countries. Some of them are even representing ours! (Speaking of the Olympics, K-State music professer Bryan Pinkall is once again involved in the production of the opening ceremonies, and there’s quotes from him in this piece on said ceremonies by Charlie Locke of Wired.)

Yesterday, your intrepid count-downer BracketCat hit number 29 on his list, the scrappy Sean Newlan. Also, AMS pandered to the 95% of you who are taking a break from actually walking around and getting some exercise by comparing the teams of the Big 12 to Pokemon monsters, and Gracey — in response to Vegas setting K-State’s over/under at 5.5 wins -- checked in with our favorite sports betting expert Kelly Stewart (aka @kellyinvegas) to see what she thinks.

Kels Dayton at WTNH in Hartford is doing a Greatest Football Players bracket, and right here he’s got #2 seed Reggie Bush going up against fifteenth-seeded... Michael Bishop. There’s a vote thingy. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.

FOX’s Aaron Torres addresses 20 things that happened last season in the Big 12 that you probably forgot about. Well, 18 things, anyway.

Kellen Moore broke his leg, and one of the options the Dallas Cowboys immediately considered was one Josh Freeman, says 247’s Jeffrey Kahn.

The Jayhawk Conference caused a stink with their proposal to increase the allowable number of non-local players on KJCCC rosters. Well, the conference presidents sprayed some Febreze on the matter, voting down the proposal. (Kelton Brooks, Hutchison News)

Finally, Rod Walker of the New Orleans Advocate reports that the Saints had an interesting visitor to training camp: K-State interim president Richard Myers.

The Nevada (Mo.) Daily Mail’s Matthew Resnick reports on the summer AAU peregrinations of Nevada junior Clay Gayman, and also reports on his unofficial visit to K-State earlier this summer. Gayman got to scrimmage with the Cats, and faced off against Dean Wade. Interesting stuff.