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Random bits of Wildcat news for your gloomy Friday

With Dallas looming over our morning, we look for something about which to smile.

Today’s a heavy day.
Today’s a heavy day.
Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

We try to avoid politics here, but some days we simply can’t say nothing. However, it is not a political statement to say that one can be incensed both by police officers wrongly shooting people and by people wrongly shooting police officers. This week has been a horrible trial for everyone, with last night’s events in Dallas putting an agonizing cap on the lunacy. Our hearts go out to the Dallas police and the families of the slain officers, heroes to the end.

But in the wake of last night’s tragedy, there are some things we can look to as signs of hope. A statement by Dallas police that the protesters actually assisted the police in the early apprehension of some suspects. An outpouring of support for the Dallas police from the black community, who recognize that perhaps no other big-city police department has prioritized their relationship with the black community as much as Dallas has. The friendly interaction between the protesters and the police before the march signified that relationship; the lightning quick response by those same officers to attempt to keep the protestors safe was a poignant bookend.

There will be many things which make you angry today, or which may have made you angry last night. Many of those likely have to do with insensitive nonsense vomited up by people whose only mode is hatred. All we can do is urge you to try and see the positives despite the bleakness of the situation. They’re there, and they’re not hard to find. Love is much better than hate, and we could all do with that reminder.

Our general prohibition of “politics” remains in force today, but civil and rational discussion of last night’s events, without politicizing them, is certainly allowed. This isn’t an invitation to test us, however. Be respectful.

Meanwhile, we move on to our normal content -- although amazingly, today’s Slate is basically football-free. In fact, it’s so scattershot that we’re not even bothering with headers; you’ll see why in a moment.

First, yesterday’s business: BracketCat clicked one more step forward, profiling linebacker Colborn Couchman, while Gracey reported on the Miami Heat’s signing of former Wildcat Rodney McGruder. It’s not just a random camp signing, either; R-Mac scored a partially guaranteed three-year deal. After all, someone’s got to replace Dwyane Wade, right?

Ken Corbitt at the Capital-Journal writes about Erik Kynard’s quest to better his 2012 Olympic result. But the Wildcat legend isn’t dwelling on that second-place finish; he’s more angry about more recent failures.

The Kansas City Blues are hosting the Heartland 7s rugby tournament this weekend, and the Star’s Christian Hardy reports on the 2020 Olympic rugby hopes of two Blues — including K-State alum Walt Elder.

The State Journal-Register of Springfield, Ill., has a brief report on the Springfield Sliders and the upcoming Prospect League All-Star game — notable here due to the presence of Sliders shortstop Quintin Crandall, who you might better recognize as “Wildcat shortstop Quinton Crandall”.

The Star’s Steve Rosen details a slew of construction work going on at K-State. Aside from the northeast corner of Bill Snyder Family Stadium, the highlight is a $31 million renovation of the Student Union.

Finally, the National College of Sports Medicine studied the lifestyles at college campuses across the nation, giving each a “fitness score”, and determined that Penn State has the most active campus in the country. The great news: K-State was ranked second.