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Defense Wins Championships

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Two Wildcats are named to the Bednarik Award List.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Yesterday we cleared the cobwebs that formed over the long weekend by bringing you lots of new #content. First up was Gracey Terrill writing about what could be a very strong K-State defense.

Bracketcats followed with his countdown covering number 59 Jason Lierz, and number 58 Breontae Matthews.

Yesterday Elijah Lee, and Dante Barnett were named to the Bednarik Award Watch List. (Staff reports,

ESPN's Big 12 mailbag this week examines Kansas State's Big 12 title chances. (Brandon Chatmon,

Later they checked in on the unknown defensive linemen who'll have a break out season this year, and Kansas State's Tanner Wood made the list. (Brandon Chatmon,

Wesley Iwundu knew his game had to expand prior to his senior season, so he has spent the majority of this off-season developing his long range game. (Ken Corbitt, Capital Journal)