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Oklahoma is #1 at least for now

Also, who has the best unis among expansion candidates? Discuss.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

How many days to kickoff? How many more?
Thirty-four, thirty four!
BracketCat makes it good,
With #34 Tanner Wood.

Here we are, at slow news Sunday,
With not much sports news underway.
Chip Rouse says Oklahoma is #1,
But maybe Kansas State can spoil their fun?

Trotter, Trotter, he's our man!
If he can't tell you, noone can!
In his mailbag, he tells it true.
The best unis belong to BYU.

The Big 12 will add two teams, maybe four
But to expand by 2017 could cost a lot more.
AAC Commish Mike Aresco says two teams are ready to go
If they can pay $10 mil, he's willing to go with the flow.

Kynard, Jones, and Treasure are off to Brazil,
To show off their countries and their skills.
Ken Corbitt says they'll do well in Rio,
With the help of Cliff and Karol, both Rovelto

At K-State, they're raising mosquitoes
Hatching them in glass boxes in neat little rows
They're trying to figure out why bugs bite ya,
But it's really hard to find words that rhyme with Zika (Rick Montgomery, Kansas City Star).

Michael Collins was an astronaut on Gemini X
And in the moon landing with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.
Asked about the module by kids at the Cosmosphere in Hutch,
He admitted he was alone but didn't mind it much. (Adam Stewart, Hutchinson News)