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Kansas State Grabs Another Commit.

Another day, another recruit. Meanwhile, an old friend and football alum has an injury setback.

my arms are fine, it's my leg that hurts.
my arms are fine, it's my leg that hurts.
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Big news in the recruiting world yesterday, as Anthony Payne announced his commitment to Kansas State. Gracey Terrill had a chance to interview Mr. Payne for Bring on the Cats, following his announcement. In the interview we learn that, yes, other schools do bring up Coach Snyder's age when they know they are competing with K-State for a recruits talents.

Capping off yesterday's festivities here at Bring on the Cats was the countdown master himself BracketCats as he reached number 38 in his annual countdown to kickoff.

Our friends over at Burnt Orange Nation put together a breakdown of the tiers within the conference, and placed the Wildcats in tier four only above Kansas. Disrespect much. (Wes Crochet, BON)

It's only a "little hiccup". That's what Jordy Nelson said regarding the set back to his surgically repaired left knee. (AP, via KC Star)

Excitement for the upcoming European trip has been tempered due to the injury to Cartier Diarra which will force him to miss the entire 2016-17 season.(Ken Corbitt, Captial Journal)