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More expansion talk; Barnett ready to make waves

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Is Big 12 expansion even a good idea?

Can we just talk about how Barnett made a purple bow tie cool though?
Can we just talk about how Barnett made a purple bow tie cool though?
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas State's 2016 season will be here before you know it, but if the wait still seems too long, you can take comfort that the season is only 42 days away, as noted in BracketCat's countdown and #42 fullback Kade True.

As expected, all the news in college football right now is focused on Big 12 expansion. The conspiracy theorists were out in full force yesterday as Texas, quickly followed by Texas Tech, publicly stated interest in exploring the addition of Houston to the conference. Meanwhile, BYU officially notified the Big 12 of its interest in joining the conference, possibly as a football-only member, if needed. BYU's stated goal is full-membership, but the university is willing to make a concession, if needed (Jake Trotter, ESPN).

Big 12 expansion was the topic of the day in two different Q&A sessions. First, ESPN's Trotter, in his Big 12 Mailbag, suggested the Big 12 may actually be better off than the Pac-12 right now. Next, the Wichita Eagle's Kellis Robinett gave all the expansion talk some much-needed local flavor in his weekly K-State Q&A. His introduction is a good summary of all the expansion shenanigans so far.

In all the excitement about expansion, only a few people (include several in our own commentariat) have suggested that expansion is not a good idea. Ty Duffy of The Big Lead also weighs in, noting that expansion kinda stinks. But he's a Michigan fan, so what the heck does he know?

Anybody who watched Kansas State football last season had to know the defense was lacking a certain something, or more correctly, a certain someone. That would be Dante Barnett, who is eager to return to the field and make a significant mark (Robinett, Eagle).

The men's basketball team will host a practice sesssion open to the public on August 6, just before the start of the team's 10-day trip to Europe. The practice will begin at 2:30 and feature six returning players and six newcomers. Following the session, the players and Bruce Weber will speak to the crowd.

The tragic death of Oklahoma State's Tyrek Coger has cast a pall over Stillwater. As the Oklahoma State community mourns his loss, there have also been questions around the circumstances that may have led to Coger's sudden collapse. Officials have now revealed that Coger's death came after an intense workout in hot conditions. But the heat is not believed to the cause of death. Coger appears to have had an enlarged heart, specifically "cardiomegaly, with left ventricular hypertrophy." He had passed earlier medical tests and demonstrated fitness for athletic activity, but Oklahoma State intends to review its policies with respect to training in extreme conditions (Ken Miller, Associated Press (via the Topeka Capital-Journal)).