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Big 12 Media Day 1 Recap

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Recapping the big news of Big 12 media day 1, and previewing day 2.

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Yesterday, BracketCat reminded us that we are only 46 days away from football, by examining number 46 Jayd Kirby and his expected impact on the 2016 season.

Viva The Matadors recently ranked Big 12 school's based on mascots, and in an affront to everything good and holy placed the Wildcats below that school down the river. (Kyle Jacobson, Viva The Matadors)

Yesterday was the start of Big 12 media day, and while Bob Bowlsby stumbling through his press conference was the headline (more on this in a bit) of the day, he also made reference to the Big 12 title game being played at a neutral site. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)

Most of Bowlsby's stumbling/ineptitude (News OK video, careful of the auto-play) came during a discussion of the Baylor sexual assault scandal, and how much he knows compared to the general public. We never found out the answer to that since he said in back to back answers that he first had more information than the public, and then followed that by saying everyone has the same information. Overall, Bowlsby did a horrific job of answering questions regarding Baylor, with the possible exception of how Baylor's conduct reflects upon the Big 12. (Kellis Robinett, KC Star)

The big guns come out today with Baylor, Texas, and Oklahoma headlining day 2 of Big 12 media day. Obviously, the number one headline will be Baylor and their on-going scandal, but what about Kansas State? The headline there is just how good can this year's K-State team be? (Kevin Flaherty,