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Big 12 Preseason Poll: Kansas State tabbed eighth

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K-State has the Big 12 right where they want it: underestimating them.

Today we’re gonna party like its 2010.
Today we’re gonna party like its 2010.
Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

As everyone gets geared up for next week’s Big 12 Media Days, this week lurches to a relatively quiet close. We only have three items for you this Friday morning, but they’re sort of big.

Before we get to them, though, some home cooking. BracketCat’s annual countdown has reached the halfway point, and keep an eye out today and tomorrow for Gracey’s coverage of the start of The Basketball Tournament. She’s live in Chicago to report on Purple and Black’s attempt to escape a loaded regional and advance to Philadelphia for the finals.

First, the Big 12’s media contingent released their preseason poll. Somehow, the team with more Big 12 preseason all-conference picks than anyone other than expected conference champion Oklahoma is picked to finish... eighth. Well, we know how this usually works out.

The Wildcats are, of course, being disregarded due to questions at quarterback (where the top two realistic options spent last year recovering from injuries), wide receiver (legit) and the offensive line (where K-State traditionally just reloads).

Over the last four years, K-State has been the Big 12’s third-best home team, as reported by ESPN’s Brandon Chatmon. If the Wildcats could just beat Oklahoma in Manhattan as well as Norman, they’d have been first; the ‘Cats 14-6 record is just a game back of leaders Baylor and Oklahoma.

That’s right, it’s all K-State’s fault Oklahoma doesn’t have a two-game lead on the entire conference.

We’ve been sharing a lot of content from Today’s U lately, and here we find “Big 12 insider” Wendell Barnhouse with a byline at the site. He led his column yesterday with a bit on K-State basketball, discussing the injury to Cartier Diarra and the Europe trip.