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Football Talk Heats Up

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An all football slate means we are inching closer to that glorious September evening when football returns.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Bracketcat continued his roster preview with day number 53, and roster number 53: Mason Barta.

Your mid-summer recruiting update for Kansas State includes a large stockpile of offense linemen. Recently those linemen were given a running back to block for in Bernard Goodwater out of Dallas. (Max Olson,

Other than Phil Steele, the college football magazines do not seem impressed with this years version of Kansas State as most have them finishing 8th in the conference in front of Iowa State and Kansas. Time to get out the DISRESPECT hammer. (Max Olson,

Coming into week 10 the prognosticators had Oklahoma State undefeated. Kansas State cannot let that continue as they beat the Pokes from Stillwater 28-20. (Brandon Chatmon,