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Another school wins its first NCAA title before K-State

Coastal Carolina shines, and we just have to ask when it’s our turn?

Seriously, though, yay for Cinderella.
Seriously, though, yay for Cinderella.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Another relatively slow day here at World Headquarters, but before we get started on the news of the day let’s give a hand to the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers, your 2016 NCAA Division I Baseball Champions.

It was the first NCAA championship in a team sport for Coastal Carolina; it was also the first for the Big South Conference, who got to celebrate it for all of about eight hours before Coastal toddled off to officially become a member of the Sun Belt. The Sun Belt will still have to settle for claiming Old Dominion’s 1985 women’s basketball championship, but at least now they have a current member which has won one in competition against Power 5 schools. (They’ve got three members with multiple FCS titles, but that’s not the same as beating Arizona, people.)

CCU’s victory capped a very strange 2016 in college athletics. For the first time in history, the men’s basketball, men’s hockey, and baseball titles were all won by schools who do not have FBS football squads. Indeed, the only major sport in which a Power 5 conference member won the NCAA Division I championship this academic year was softball (Oklahoma). Basketball? Villanova and UConn. Hockey? North Dakota. And now baseball.

(The NCAA Division I football champion this academic year was of course, as has been the case for half a decade, North Dakota State. The NCAA does not hand Alabama football trophies.)

Unfortunately, this means there’s now one more school in possession of more NCAA team championships than Kansas State. That’s sort of a drag, isn’t it?

There is no Previously today, as we haven’t had any content since yesterday’s Slate. That’s a drag, too.

USports seems to be paying a lot of attention to K-State this week. Yesterday, Garrett Kroeger wrote about the talent on the Wildcat defense and the return of Dante Barnett.

Real Men, Real Heroes, a Wichita charity focusing on mentoring youth, will be honoring three men at its July 21 fundraising event. Former Wichita State athletic director Eric Sexton and Wichita Eagle columnist Bob Lutz will be joined by former Wildcat star Kevin Lockett.

Figures for cost-of-attendance stipend amounts were recently released, and the Star detailed those figures for the Big 12 and SEC. K-State is right in the middle of the Big 12 pack, and notably also provides more bling than Florida, LSU, Georgia, and Texas A&M. Of course, those dollar figures don’t include the extra under-the-table money that cost-of-attendance stipends are supposed to eliminate the need for but totally don’t.

The Fresno Bee’s Anthony Galaviz reports on this year’s Wall of Fame ceremonies at Fresno City College. Among the honorees: two-time All-Big 12 linebacker Zac Diles, who transferred to K-State for his final two seasons. Diles and the other honorees will be feted on August 28.

Finally, there’s a piece over at our colleague site Outsports on K-State assistant soccer coach Jessica Smith. Check it out.