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The First Boring Monday of the Year

There's only one more weekend with actual sports action for K-State, and this wasn't it.

There's no news, so here's some cheerleaders.
There's no news, so here's some cheerleaders.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Horrible. That's what the Monday between the NCAA track premilinaries and the actual NCAA track championships is when your baseball team didn't make the NCAA tournament field. For the first time since the beginning of the school year, there is literally no K-State news to report.

But we press on regardless, because we must.

Jacob Pullen and Henry Walker walked off with a championship on Friday as their team, KK Cedevita, won the Croatian League for the third consecutive year. Also, your benevolent despot fired a satirical shot off the bow of the Big 12, describing some additional measures the league might have taken after agreeing to that ungodly stupid and senseless plan to go back to divisions and have a championship game without expanding.

Daniel Makarewicz of the Quad Cities Dispatch-Argus writes about Wildcat first baseman Jake Scudder, who went to high school in Rock Island.

No, really. That's it for today. Tune in at noon when we EXPANSIONPALOOZA Alabama.