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Nothing to talk about today, so happy birthday Darren Sproles

Cleveland finally wins something, summer begins, and GOOD PUPPIES

Stay woke, it’s party time.
Stay woke, it’s party time.
Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

It’s officially the nadir of our blogging calendar: a Monday morning with precisely zero pieces of K-State news. Sure, we had BracketCat double-dipping yesterday as the countdown ticked past Aidan Murray and Ajahne Brager (and added A.J. Allen this morning), but Manhattan was as quiet yesterday as Cleveland was not.

But today is the anniversary of the day Darren Sproles first juked his way past an obstacle, in this case his mother’s cervix. Happy birthday, hero.

Congratulations to Cleveland, by the way, for finally not being losers. For reasons we’ll get to in a moment, your benevolent despot only saw the final ten minutes of last night’s Game Seven; what he saw was not impressive, other than that monster block LBJ delivered which basically took all the air out of Golden State.

How horribawful was it? With 4:39 to play, Klay Thompson made a layup to tie the score at 89-89. Cleveland only managed to score four more points in those final 279 seconds, which was four more than the Warriors managed. The teams combined for 31 fourth-quarter points, which was two fewer than Cleveland scored all on their own in the third. Putrid.

The Cavaliers win leaves Buffalo and San Diego as the saddest sacks in all of American professional sports. Washington fans are trying to claim that position, because they are special snowflakes who think the world revolves around them; however, Washington has won four championships since Buffalo and San Diego became two-sport towns in the late 60s (and both cities also lost NBA teams — actually, they both lost the same NBA team, for chrissakes).

Today is the first day of summer, the longest day of the year. That means that after tonight, it will start getting darker earlier every day. And that means Winter is Coming.

Speaking of, the reason Game Seven wasn’t item one on our list last night was the grimly satisfying spectacle of Jon Snow beating the living snot out of Ramsay Bolton... and then the even better scene right after it. Sansa Stark is no longer a silly bint.

Enjoy your Monday, and feel free to chat about whatever you like today. It’s the least we can do on this completely meaningless June revolution.