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K-State ranked 75 out of 128. Disrespect?

A ranking of all 128 FBS teams has Kansas State at 75. Too low, too high, or just right? You decide.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

As has become the norm here at Bring on the Cats, yesterday was geek fandom day with Luke Sobba providing a recap of "No One". Maybe my favorite part of Game of Thrones was the mic drop at the end of the episode.

We reached 81 days to kick off yesterday, so BracketCat provided us number 81 in his roster countdown.

The Orlando Sentinel is ranking all 128 teams in the FBS. Today it's Kansas State turn, which checks in at number 75. (Matt Murschel, Orlando Sentinel)

ESPN's Pac-12 blog gets to know Kansas State better, as the Wildcats open 2016 play against Stanford. (David Lombardi,

This has already made the rounds, but The Collegian wrote a story on the closing of Varney's. (Collin Weaver, The Collegian)