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Art Briles NOT fired? Santa Ono leaving Cincinnati? Jeremy Foley retiring from Florida?

The only news around here today involves other schools.

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This isn’t going to end well.
This isn’t going to end well.
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a really slow Monday here at BotC World Headquarters, so we’re going to dispense with the usual format. If you missed it, be sure to catch the latest installment bracketcat’s foray into sobriety tests; the backward-counting thing is now at 84, which is 94 minus 10, and that means C.J. Reese.

There’s lots of chaos in Waco yet again, as Chip Brown reported, and Bleacher Report’s Jason King confirmed via Twitter, that Baylor’s Board of Regents might actually end up voting today to suspend Art Briles for one year rather than terminating him. The idea that this might be happening first surfaced last week on Baylor’s 247 message board Bears Truth.

USA Today’s Dan Wolken later reported that while this really is a thing, and a few donors and BoR members are pushing for it, they’re probably not getting what they want. This is likely just a formality; in any event, Briles is probably owed a hearing before the Board before they can officially kick him to the curb.

Over in Cincinnati, it appears that president Santa Ono, the man who’s been forcefully stumping for Cincinnati to join the Big 12 and forming a lot of strong relationships with his Big 12 peers, appears to be Kirk Schulzing his way right out of the country. Reports say Ono may be leaving to take the same job at the University of British Columbia, which is big news in the expansion discussion. (Kate Murphy, Cincinnati Enquirer)

You’ll recall we talked with Phil Neuffer of Down the Drive a few weeks ago about Cincinnati's credentials. Phil has a post up about this, and he’s informed me he’ll have a more detailed insight into how this will affect Cincy’s efforts to get into our wonderful dysfunctional league. (Hey, does this mean we have to do an EXPANSIONPALOOZA on UBC?)

And down in Florida, Jeremy Foley is retiring as athletic director, according to the AP’s Mark Long. That opens a HUGE job in SEC country, so fire up your speculation machines. (Update: Florida has offically announced this themselves, as well.)

There’s not much else going on. Our friends at Royals Review have a list of local players selected in the MLB draft, both those from local high schools and local colleges. As you're probably aware, K-State pitcher Lucas Benenati was taken in the 10th round by the Reds, and shortstop Tyler Wolfe went to the Astros in the 39th round.

Finally, Topeka’s Tristan Guzman has officially become the first woman from Kansas to enlist in the U.S. Army as an infantry soldier, which is pretty cool.

Have yourselves a Monday, gang.