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Kansas State gets crushed by Oklahoma, back below .500

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And not much else is going on today.

This is how you know it's a slow news day.
This is how you know it's a slow news day.
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It's a dreadfully slow day today, with only one item of Wildcat news to share (and it's a depressing one). However, we're pleased to announce that we're about to get some Serious Content over the next couple of weeks, and its name is EXPANSIONPALOOZA. You'll want to keep an eye out.

The Wildcats dropped their first series since the Taft administration, or at least it seems that way, getting gassed in the rubber match of their weekend set in Norman by an embarrassing 12-0 tally. The BatCats didn't even record a hit until the top of the sixth, when Michael Smith dropped a bunt single to break up the no-no. (Yes, we hate it when our own team does that, too.) Our colleagues over at Crimson & Cream Machine have a recap.

In non-Wildcat baseball news, Pittsburg State's Matt Murray has stepped down after four seasons and an 80-118 record.

Purple and Black is still running strong in the voting for The Basketball Tournament, but they no longer have twice as many votes as their nearest rival. That's unacceptable, especially since that rival is The Bluegrass Boys, a.k.a. the Kentucky alumni team. If you haven't voted yet, you really should. Just to help assert our rightful dominance. In TBT news, Jamar Samuels has dropped out due to injury, but his place has been taken by Akeem Wright. There's another player allegedly on the horizon -- an addition, not a replacement -- but the team's remaining silent about his identity.

There's a big expansion underway at Historic Harley-Davidson, a dealership in Topeka. They're adding 16,000 square feet of space in order to house... an Evel Knievel museum. Finally, visiting Topeka has some value.