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It's all on track for K-State

The track team was in action in Lawrence, but not much else is going on this weekend.

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EXPANSIONPALOOZA continues apace, and yesterday, Boise State had its say via Jon Morse's Q&A with Drew Roberts (@mybrainissmart) of OBNUG, our Boise State cousins here at SN Nation. SprotsGAT offers the counterpoint of Why NOT Boise State and trenchantly notes that the eyesore of a blue field is reason enough. Nobody is #MADONLINE. Yet.

BracketCat counts us down to kickoff. We're at #98, for defensive tackle Craig Settles, Jr.

The track and field athletes are the only Wildcats in action this weekend. The teams are wrapping up the NCAA West Regional Prelims in Lawrence, Kansas. To qualify for the NCAA Outdoor Championships as an individual, an athlete must finish in the top 12 spots at a preliminary event.

Several athletes managed a top-12 finish to punch their tickets for Eugene. They include high jumpers Kimberly Williamson and Christoff Bryan who tied for first in their respective events, and Thilina Karunaratne (11th) also qualified. We are #HighJumpU after all.

In the weight throwing categories, Sara Savatovic (5th) and Janee Kassanavoid (10th) qualified in women's hammer throw, while Tyler Merkley (8th) and Brady Grunder (12th) also qualified in the men's event. Earlier today, Brett Neelly (9th) qualified in men's shot put joining Dani Winters who also placed 9th in the women's event.

Twins Shadae Lawrence and Shardia Lawrence were in action for Kansas State too, but while Shadae qualified for a spot in the discus throw event at the NCAAs, Shardia missed the cut by a centimeter in the triple jump and will not be joining her in Eugene.

On the track, the women's 4x400 relay team is going to Eugene, finishing 8th in the event, while Ranae McKenzie (10th) and Terrell Smith (8th) both qualified for 200m race at the NCAAs.

If you're wondering why there's been no mention of Akela Jones with regard to this event. Well, Jones has decided not to compete in high jump, long jump or 100m hurdles in order to focus on the heptathlon. Multi-events are not featured in the preliminary rounds. Jones did make an appearance as part of the 4x400 relay team, however, and will be in the running at Eugene.