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Kansas State baseball bows out against Oklahoma; track and field rain-delayed

Goodbye, BatCats. See you in February.

Sadness. Pure inestimable sadness.
Sadness. Pure inestimable sadness.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Thanks to the weather, there's really not much to discuss today other than what we've already discussed before. Like, for instance, Art Briles being fired or the foul deviltry of Skyline Chili or what's swell about Cincinnati.

But there are a couple of things worth mentioning, and stay tuned later for the pros and cons of Boise State.

K-State dropped yesterday's consolation bracket game against Oklahoma 13-7, and thus ends a dismal 26-31 season. We shall speak no more of this.

Yesterday's portion of the NCAA West Preliminaries in Lawrence was rain-shortened, resulting in a massive schedule change. They're already underway with semifinal and quarterfinal heats in track events. K-State has 29 athletes looking to grab spots in the NCAA Championships, as was noted in yesterday's Slate. Not among them: Akela Jones, who we can only surmise is still suffering from the injury which held her out of the Big 12 track championships. Why can we only surmise? Because as you will note, K-State didn't even mention her in the article, not even to note that she's still hurt. I guess if you're not competing, you no longer matter.

You may recall that in February, SB Nation Longform published a story which... did not go over well. It went over so poorly that the Longform program was suspended, and SB Nation leadership vowed to undergo peer review to make sure that the flaws in the process which allowed that piece to run were addressed. That review is now done, and as a constituent site of SB Nation we encourage you to go read the results.