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BatCats make it to Big 12s

Kansas State will take on Texas Tech in the first round.

Yesterday's does of EXPANSIONPALOOZA got up close and personal with Tulane and Nick Simon of Underdog Dynasty. But there seems to be a temporary lull in #MADONLINE. Maybe it's because of the weekend, but it's probably because the 6.5 fans who profess to follow Tulane football just really don't care?

The entire carnival of expansion returns on Monday, as Colorado State stakes its claim via a Q&A with Jeremy Mauss of Mountain West Connection, and JTVanGilder tries to do his best imitation of our own Panjandrum in rebuttal.

Kansas State lost by just one run for the second game in a row, dropping a 2-1 decision to TCU yesterday in Fort Worth's Lupton Stadium. The BatCats did draw first blood, scoring early in the second inning off a bases-loaded walk. But TCU had lead-off doubles in the second and fourth innings to take the lead and never looked back. Despite the loss, right-handed pitcher Levi MaVorhis pitched his first complete game of the season, throwing a career-high 123 pitches, striking out eight, and retiring 14 of the last 16 batters he faced.

Kansas State will try to salvage a win today in what is the last game of the regular season. Kansas State has qualified for the Big 12 Championships and will be in action against Texas Tech on May 25th.

There's not a whole lot of football news out there, and Kellis Robinett made use of the lull to close the book on his recent interview session with John Currie. This is mostly old information, but there are some interesting tidbits here, including Currie's assertion that he spends "every minute of every day" thinking about the eventual retirement of Bill Snyder and hiring Kansas State's next football coach.

In other news, Jake Trotter answers a lot of expansion questions in ESPN's Big 12 Blog, and notes how difficult it is to be a Big 12 beat writer. We feel you. Sort of.

Happy weekend!