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More #MADONLINE Comes Our Way

We continue to stoke the hate-fires of expansion candidates

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Welcome to Bring on the Cats, where we continue our efforts to stoke the hate-fires of every fanbase that thinks they should be in the Big 12. You're welcome.

Yesterday, Jon talked with SB Nations 's own Superman, Matt Brown, about why BYU would be a good candidate for expansion. Then Gracey came and told us about how excessive travel and lack of important things at tailgates makes the Cougars a no-go. Look for our for and against of UConn later today as we seek to spread #RAEG to the northeast. Also today at 11:30am (GOTZ), our resident Memphis hater Jon will be on a Memphis sports radio show to explain to their handful of fans why he would say mean things about Memphis about what we've got going on here at BOTC.

Just missed for yesterday's Slate, the great Bill Connelly (noted K-State hater) looks at K-State and HoFHC Bill Snyder and wonders if Coach has another rebound in him. Brandon Chatmon at ESPN dropped two different looks at the conference yesterday, posting his post-spring grades of the defensive backs, and the offensive yards-per-play trend in the Big 12 since 2012 (hint, K-State's 2015 season really hurt).

Baseball returns tonight for the beginning of the final regular-season series of the year. The Cats are in Ft. Worth to take on the Horned Frogs, and will need at least one win to lock-in a berth to the Big 12 Tournament (unless the Pokes sweep the Beakers). While the Cats took the series 2-1 against TCU in Manhattan last season, the BatCats are only 3-8 all-time in Ft. Worth and are only 7-10 overall against the Horned Frogs.

Just in time for the Slate, we have a report that Bruce Weber has filled the empty spot on his coaching staff.

Brad Korn was previously on Weber's staff at K-State for the 2012-13 season, and played for Weber at Southern Illinois. Korn got his coaching start under current Wildcat Associate HC Chris Lowery while Lowery was head coach at SIU.