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Time for the Big 12 to Expand?

Big 12 expansion talks are dominating the off-season...again.

Is it time to add more teams to the Big 12 title race?
Is it time to add more teams to the Big 12 title race?
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Yesterday, Luke Sobba made his major league Bring on the Cats debut as his usual "Fantasy Fandom" was promoted to the front page. His excellent work recapping "Game of Thrones" continued and it appears Sobba will make a strong case for rookie of the year. If you are a Thrones fan and haven't watched last week's episode you'll want to avoid the article, otherwise go check out Sobba's "Missions of the Reborn".

In this week's ESPN Big 12 blog mailbag, Kansas State gets very little love as Brandon Chatmon has them dropping their game against Stanford to start the season. (Brandon Chatmon,

Expansionpalooza will begin here soon at Bring on the Cats, but elsewhere it is already in full force with documents obtained by ESPN showing the Big 12 favoring Houston and Memphis. (Jake Trotter,

Differing opinions from one of the major conference teams, Oklahoma, has expansion talks in doubt as the Chairman of the Board of Regents for OU, Max Weitzenhoffer, believe expansion for the sake of expansion is a bad thing. This runs counter to what Oklahoma President David Boren wishes, which is for the Big 12 to expand as soon as possible. (Kevin Haskin, Capital Journal)