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Cheyenne Hooper changes sports, Robert Streb's disastrous first round, and other stuff

Welcome to your Friday potpourri of totally random Wildcat news.

Duke Shelley leads a trio of second-year talent mentioned by the ESPN blog guys.
Duke Shelley leads a trio of second-year talent mentioned by the ESPN blog guys.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Since there's not any old business to address, we'll proceed with new business. Some of which is actually old, because The Slate reports on yesterday. Oh, dear. This chronological stuff is so confusing.

A reminder to go vote for Purple and Black's entry in The Basketball Tournament. The official list of players now includes Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly, along with early enrollees Jordan Henriquez, Martavious Irving, and Thomas Gipson. The Purple and Black guys also made a request that you throw one of your other three votes over to another squad, Southern Hospitality. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me.

Most of this was scheduled in the pre-season, but a cynic might note that someone's noticed that for some reason enthusiasm wanes for the BatCats. This weekend's home series with Texas features four different promotions -- a pretty neat trick for a three-game set. The fun starts tonight at 6:30 for Blackout Tointon night.

ESPN's Max Olson either knows something we don't, or he's just making assumptions. In yesterdays Big 12 Blog roundtable, in which the three writers discuss sophomores and redshirts to watch, Olson points a finger at Alex Delton, referring to him as "technically" a redshirt freshman. The official status of Delton's eligibility has been a source of confusion, as the only medical waiver the football staff has officially acknowledged has been Dante Barnett's, so this statement has meaning. In the discussion, Jake Trotter concurs with Olson, and also mentions Duke Shelley and Elijah Sullivan.

Lamont Evans joining Brad Underwood in Stillwater isn't really news, but since he's Bahamian like Buddy Hield, the Bahamas Tribune examines the move.

There's no promo yet, so you can expect 00 to report tomorrow. But it wouldn't be Friday without mention of track. The team will be in Baton Rouge this weekend for the Battle on the Bayou.

The Cats (8-9, 0-4) are on the road this weekend for the final time, stopping at Iowa State (13-4, 1-1) today on their way to a 9am Sunday match at West Virginia (6-8, 0-3). West Virginia is still seeking their first Big 12 win ever, as reported by Neel Madhavan at the Daily Athenæum.

It's the end of the regular season for the women this weekend as they head to Lubbock for the Red Raider invitational. The tournament tees off literally as we publish this morning; they'll play 36 today and 18 Saturday. Also competing: BYU, Cal Poly, Colorado State, Iowa, Kansas, New Mexico, New Mexico State, North Texas, Purdue, SMU, Tulsa, Texas State, and of course the hosts.

In other news, Robert Streb had a disastrous opening round at the Masters, firing an 81 yesterday. He'll tee off at 10:27am, desperately hoping he can put together a solid enough round to make the cut. A green jacket will be playing with him today: Trevor Immelman, who shot a 77 yesterday, won the tournament in 2008.

There was a mild stir when Cheyenne Hooper suddenly departed the K-State women's basketball program during the Big 12 conference schedule. Well, she's apparently still #EMAW. Hooper has now joined the VolleyCats, where she'll join the rotation at middle blocker. This isn't new territory for Hooper; even though she was a basketball star, she skipped the sport entirely her junior year in high school to play volleyball instead, and was first team all-state in Tennessee that year.

Researchers at K-State have developed a vaccine for avian flu -- including the H5N1 strain. It's not a human vaccine, but one for poultry; still, that has a major effect on human health, as cutting down the incidence in the avian population reduces human risk. Since this research was funded by ENN BEE AYY EFF money, get your witty rejoinders ready. You'll almost certainly need them in the comments.

Lastly, a Syracuse fan over at Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician offers some sage advice on how not to behave when your recruits change their minds, your players perform badly, your coach doesn't do what you want, and your team doesn't win. Worth a read.