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Bat Cats Win & Spring Football News

Spring Football practice is in full swing, while the Bat Cats beat the hated Cornhuskers to get back in the win column.

Bat Cats Win!
Bat Cats Win!

Yesterday, Bill Snyder held his first press conference of the year, and JT posted the audio for us to enjoy. JT then recapped the BOTC Tourney Pick'em, which I assure you I did not win. Finally, Jon recounted how Connecticut and Mount Union became twinsies.

Baby Gronk will be the last Gronk brother to enter the NFL, and rumors are the Patriots (Duh) and the Broncos (Yes!) are the teams most interested in the youngest Gronk. (Alex Reimer, SB Nation)

Jessie Ertz played exactly two downs during the 2015 season. Two. As a result, Ertz now faces a familiar situation, needing to beat out Alex Delton, Joe Huebner and others to win the starting QB spot again. (Ken Corbitt, Capital Journal)

Ertz says his knee feels great, and received praise from Coach Snyder who said Ertz "is still kind of working the kinks out, but you have seen the growth in four days." (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)

Teams respond is different ways to losing, and this year's Kansas State team is determined to not repeat last year's losing season. (Ken Corbitt, Capital Journal)

It has been a very quiet start to the 2017 recruiting class, but things may be heating up as John Davis, CB Euless Trinity High School in Dallas, has plans to visit both Kansas and Kansas State this April. (Gabe Brooks,

The Bat Cats got back to winning, shutting down the high powered Cornhusker offense in a 4-2 victory. Starter, Brandon Erickson limited Nebraska to only one extra base hit while throwing four scoreless in the victory. K-State returns home to Tointon Family Stadium this weekend and will face off against Texas. First pitch is Friday at 6:35 pm. (