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Baseball loses, Tennis loses, Rowing doesn't win

You may want to just go back to bed.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Sprockets. This is the part of the show when we dance. Mostly because there's really not much news to discuss. Ah, April. How we loathe you.

After sweeping a doubleheader Saturday, Texas Tech (20-8, 8-1) went ahead and threw the dirt on the BatCats' grave by finishing the series sweep yesterday. K-State (12-17, 0-6) tried to rally in the ninth, but only scored one of the two runs they needed, and fell 6-5. Next is a one-off game against Nebraska on Tuesday in Lincoln.

News isn't any better here. The Wildcats (8-9, 0-4) did take the doubles point at TCU (11-2, 3-0), but got swept in singles to fall 4-1. The road haul continues Friday at Iowa State and Sunday at West Virginia.

In San Diego, the Wildcats did manage to make the grand final in 1V8, but finished sixth overall. The rest of the program was fairly depressing despite the department painting the weekend performance as "strong". They'll be in Oak Ridge, Tenn., for the SIRA Regatta in two weeks, where the team did very well last spring.