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Former Kansas State Players Prepare for the Draft.

Cody Whitehair and Glenn Gronkowski prepare for the draft, while two current K-State players are preparing for their senior seasons.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, JT previewed Cody Whitehair's draft position. Look for a preview on Glenn Gronkowski later today, and a full recap of possible draft positions tomorrow.

Yesterday, Jon Morse sat down with Pete Mundo of Heartland College for a podcast recapping the spring game, and why K-State fans despise AD John Currie. (Pete Mundo,

Jordan Willis has never been the loudest voice in a room, he's much more of a lead by example kind of guy, and this season he will get his chance as he was voted one of four Captains for the Wildcat football team. (Scott Popp, The Collegian)

Another Senior, Dante Barnett, gets another chance at his senior season after last years plans fell apart following an early season shoulder injury. (Joel Jellison, Manhattan Mercury)

Cody Whitehair played all over the offensive line during his collegiate career, and that versatility has helped make him the top guard prospect in the NFL Draft. (Ken Corbitt, Capital Journal)

On Monday, Kansas State held the seventh annual Mark A. Chapman Powercat Choice Awards, with Cody Whitehair, and Akela Jones taking home the awards for male and female athlete of the year respectively. (Staff Reports, Capital Journal)

I don't usually link things to bleacher report, but this is a huge exception. Yesterday, a video went viral of men reading mean tweets about female sports writers. (I've embedded the video if you'd rather watch it here than going to the link, though I think it's important to read the article as well.)These tweets were so mean that the men struggled to read them, on numerous occasions apologized for what was said, and at one point a man mentions how had it is to look at the woman while reading the tweets. The video serves as a sobering reminder to think before you fire off a tweet or comment, because if you wouldn't say it to that persons face then you shouldn't type it on twitter. (Laura Depta, Bleacher Report.)