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Football is here!

Springtime for Purple and White! (Sung to the tune of Will Ferrell in The Producers).

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Spring is in the air. The skies are blue, the birds are chirping, and Kansas State football is finally here!

Today's game will be a full 60-minute scrimmage between the Purple and White squads, because that's how Bill Snyder does things. He says he's "trying to keep it real," although I think he's using the expression literally in this case. He wants to approximate game conditions to the extent possible. For Snyder and the Kansas State coaching staff, the spring game is the 15th practice session (Ken Corbitt, Topeka Capital-Journal).

The players are fond of this format too. As Will Davis suggests, "if you aren't doing it full, there is no point in doing it at all." Although Snyder hinted at possible format changes, it's business as usual today: first team vs second team, regular game clock, and the score will be flipped at half-time (Kellis Robinett, Kansas City Star).

The game kicks off at 1:10 PM today at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. Here's our own JT VanGilder with 5 Things to Watch in this year's spring game. If you're unfortunate enough to not be in Manhattan for the game (/raises hand), you can catch the game on (premium subscription). Coverage begins at 1 PM, with pregame programming on various radio stations of the K-State Sports Network as well as on Sirius Channel 106, XM 109.

Go Purple! Go White!!