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Mental Preparation is Key for Alex Delton.

Alex Delton hopes the mental preparation he did while injured will help to secure to starting nod.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

K-State offered offensive lineman Broc Bando who plays at IMG Academy. (, Max Olson)

The QB position in Bill Snyder's system has always been equal parts mental and physical, and Alex Delton made sure to focus on the mental aspect of the position while laid up with an injured knee. (Joel Jellison, Manhattan Mercury)

This weekend is the annual Purple and White game, which serves at the main event for a weekend full of Wildcat events. (Staff reports,

K-State's recruiting target Freddie McSwain will announce his decision this Sunday, after visiting Indiana this past weekend. (Ken Corbitt, Capital Journal)

Kansas State sent Nebraska into a tail spin as the Huskers have gone 3-6 since their loss to the Wildcats on April 5th. Kansas State hopes to make that a 3-7 record as they face the Huskers of Nebraska tonight. (Ken Hambleton, Lincoln Journal Star)