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K-State All-Star team hopes to compete in the TBT!

An All-Star group of players from Kansas State is set to compete in the TBT. Voting begins Friday to send the team to the tournament, while the baseball team ends their losing streak.

Jordan Henriquez put together an All-Star Roster.
Jordan Henriquez put together an All-Star Roster.
Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Yesterday, SprotsGAT explained how Kansas State basketball is a bad day at the beach. Jon followed that by Hailing Columbia.

So this is happening:

This is fantastic. It's basically a fantasy line-up of all of the greatest players of Frank Martin's tenure at Kansas State (which also coincides with my time at Kansas State). Most of us here on the BotC writing staff are very excited for this event and will be covering it, so be sure to stay tuned in April and June for coverage of TBT-The Basketball Tournament.

With Spring Football right around the corner, there are five things to watch starting today. (Kellis Robinett, KC Star)

The Wildcats ended their losing streak with an 11-3 win over Nebraska-Omaha. (