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Kansas State loses game one to Oklahoma State, and Equestrian may take its final bow tomorrow

Scattershot potpourri greets you this chilly Friday morning.

How key is Deante Burton to a successful 2016?
How key is Deante Burton to a successful 2016?
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday, reprobates. Although for your fearless leader, it's like Friday night. This means I can go to sleep and blissfully ignore all the moralistic sportsmanship smack going on between Duke and Oregon. I mean, Duke Haters and Everyone Else, not really Duke and Oregon. They don't seem to care.

Don't miss this morning's Rewind, where both teams in one Division II semifinal scored more than Wisconsin and Notre Dame are likely to score together today. Then you can hop over to the Star, where Kellis Robinett reports that Bruce Weber is really, really optimistic about next season. Can one drink one's own Kool-Aid?

Although a 2-1 loss at home to Oklahoma State (15-7, 1-0) doesn't have the look of disaster in and of itself, it's what it represents that's a problem for the Wildcats (11-11, 0-1). Not only was a quality start by Levi MaVorhis in vain, but the BatCats have now lost five in a row, as well as four straight conference openers and seven straight to the Cowpokes. Game Two is at 6:35 this evening with Parker Rigler facing OSU right-hander Trey Cobb, and the ship needs righted.

(Game highlights)

Meanwhile, the Christian County Headliner News and Nixa Enterprise published a Jeff Kessinger profile of recent K-State commit Luke Hauswirth. Hauswirth, the top pitcher on a generally excellent Nixa (Mo.) High School squad, will be joining former teammate Jacob Ruder at Tointon next season. He's also majoring in MechEng, so you can all get your nerd freak on now.

Another day, another formula entry at the ESPN Big 12 blog. Jake Trotter thinks that Deante Burton's performance this season may play a large part in making or breaking K-State's campaign.

K-State was supposed to play a double header at the Carriage Club in Kansas City today, but the morning portion of that event has been rescheduled. Instead, Southern Illinois will now come to Manhattan on April 22 (turning that day into a doubleheader, as Oklahoma State will visit in the afternoon). But the Cats (7-7, 0-2 Big 12) are still taking on the Kangaroos of the University of Missouri-Least Offensive Campus (6-10, 1-1 WAC) at 3:00pm.

This may end up being the last time I, personally, use this header. Ah, well. Today, the Wildcats take on Baylor in the first round of the Big 12 Equestrian Championships.