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Kansas State Basketball: Time to Bring Brad Underwood Back to Manhattan.

It's never easy calling for change, but the situation demands it.

Brad Underwood crushed West Virginia
Brad Underwood crushed West Virginia
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, a thing of rarity happened. When it comes to matters of fan sentiment, it would be foolish to ignore that the major Kansas State fan-centric sites often disagree; it is, in large part, why those of you who come here first come here first, and why GPC readers go there first, and why goEMAW folks do their thing. Frequently, a controversial topic involving K-State athletics will result on one site being all-in for one position, and either the other sites will be completely opposed or one will be while the other takes a more moderate position.

Last night, unanimity happened. In this non-paywalled editorial, GPC's Tim Fitzgerald has openly called for Brad Underwood to replace Bruce Weber, which brings him fully in line with the common sentiment. Fitz makes a lot of great arguments which haven't really been given a lot of play, and we'll add two more:

In Los Angeles, fans are pretty unhappy with Steve Alford. Yesterday, UCLA announced that Alford had given back the extension he signed three years ago, basically putting his job on the line next spring. If UCLA doesn't produce this coming season, he's gone rather than still having a year on his contract. While this is a completely unprecedented move as far as anyone can determine, it's also the sort of thing you'd hope an embattled coach would do; it says "I am betting on myself here."

Two: Dana Altman is in the Sweet Sixteen. In Dana Altman's career at K-State, he missed the post-season entirely in his first year, went to the NIT his second, got an NCAA bid his third. In his fourth year, he missed the NCAA tournament, but (with about 62 big assists from Askia Jones) did take the team to Madison Square Garden for the NIT semifinals.

That was not good enough for Kansas State, and Altman was cordially invited to seek out an opportunity more suited to his talents. If Altman wasn't good enough, how can anyone say Bruce Weber is?

A school does not excel and exhibit a confident, winning attitude by settling for mediocrity. A top-notch program does not wring its hands, worried that there's no "proof" that Underwood will do a better job than Bruce Weber. Brad Underwood has dominated a conference, pulled off two huge NCAA upsets and probably been robbed of a third, and in the process he's recruited some great players who will still have Stephen F. Austin in contention next year whether Underwood is there or not. Arguing that there's no "proof" he'll be better is like claiming there's no proof that Jaguar over there is a better car than your Accord.

It's true. There's no proof at all. That Jaguar could be a lemon. But you know what? Your Accord is an Accord. It will never be anything but an Accord. If that's what you're happy with, enjoy mediocrity.

I don't hate Bruce Weber. I don't like the fact that we're basically calling for him to be shown the door. But mark my words: if Oklahoma State ends up hiring Brad Underwood, we will regret it forever.

Which for Pan is likely to be "twelve minutes".

K-State exited the NCAA tournament last night, as expected, in a blowout loss to South Carolina. JT provides our recap of the 73-47 beatdown, and there's further material from Ben Briener at The State (Columbia, SC), the AP's Pete Iacobelli (via the Orangeburg SC Times & Dispatch), The Star's David Cloninger, and James Shahid at our sister site Garnet & Black Attack. Also: post-game notes from K-State.

The BatCats (11-9) trailed 7-0 after two innings and came nowhere even close to fighting back, dropping the final game of their series with Western Carolina (9-10) by a 10-2 tally. It marks the first time since 1993 that K-State was swept in a three-game series at home by a non-conference opponent. A Tuesday contest at Creighton leads into the opening of Big 12 play.

K-State was swept 4-0 by Texas at home on Sunday, concluding our litany of disaster and woe for the day. Next up, a Saturday doubleheader in Kansas City against Southern Illinois and UMKC.