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Two and Through: Kansas State eliminated from Big 12 Tournament

Does this mean it's baseball season?

Dean, you don't want to be old.
Dean, you don't want to be old.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

William Faulkner once wrote, "And sure enough even waiting will end... if you can just wait long enough." Allegedly, anyway. He probably never did write that. But he absolutely did write "A man is the sum of his misfortune." Our misfortune was writ large yesterday afternoon, and now we wait. We know what we're not waiting for, and we wish we weren't waiting for what we are.

Jeff has your visual box score, because of course you want to look at yesterday all over again. (You should, if for no other reason than to make Jeff happy. Also, you should applaud him for providing this valuable service all season with little fanfare and, more importantly, no wheedling whatsoever. You're a mensch, Jeff.)

The Star's tweet archive of the quarterfinal day, and Kellis Robinett basically says goodbye to Justin Edwards (even though he's still got a game or two left in him).

Video from Channel 9: K-State players are very disappointed... in themselves.

Matt Tait at the Lawrence-Journal World said Dean Wade is very disappointed, too. And that he needs to learn from Perry Ellis. Can Wade learn how to stay in Manhattan for 47 years?

Jake Trotter at ESPN checks in on the spring QB battle in Manhattan. Give Trotter credit: he appears to be the only national writer who summarily dismisses Joe Hubener as being part of the mix in 2016.

The BatCats begin a three-game set with Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Tointon this afternoon at 3:00pm. Corey Fischer takes the hill for game one, followed Saturday by Parker Rigler and Sunday by Valar MorghulisLevi MaVorhis. UWM is 3-9 on the young season; the Cats are sitting at 8-4, which feels like it's a lot better than the last two years without actually researching it. (What doesn't require research: the six-game skein the Cats are on is the longest winning streak since 2014.) K-State has played the Panthers five times; the good guys have won every meeting. If the Cats win today, it will be Brad Hill's 900th career victory; if the Cats take at least two games this weekend, Hill will reach 400 wins at K-State.

The 2016 NCAA Division I Indoor Track and Field Championships are today and tomorrow at the CrossPlex in Birmingham, AL. There is virtually zero chance of K-State contending for a national title here, as the maximum possible point totals will be 20 for the men and 50 for the women; only six athletes are attending. (For comparison, the Arkansas women won the 2015 title with 63 points.)

High jumper Christoff Bryan and long jumper Ifeanyichukwu Otuonye will represent on the men's side, while the women will have four athletes in five events: Kimberly Williamson in high jump, A'Keyla Mitchell in the 200m, Dani Winters in the shot put, and our hero Akela Jones in the high jump and heptathlon. (That's right, Jones isn't even competing in nationals in two events in which she won Big 12 titles.)