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A Season Over

No chicken-wings this time...but still really bad news.

Out for the season; stay strong Kamau!
Out for the season; stay strong Kamau!
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

There was a big game last night, but the big news came much later last night. Kamau Stokes, freshman point guard, is officially out for the rest of the season and will undergo knee surgery (Robinett, Eagle). The Wildcats were already facing an uphill battle for a successful end to the season, and losing Kamau is a huge blow. We wish the young man all the best, and hope for a speedy recovery, because we'll need him next year!

Yesterday was National Signing day for college football (and soccer). JT had all your coverage with the Open Thread holding the latest updates on signings, as well as a look at K-State's Ultimate Pickup for 2016. KSUEMAW! also brought the troubling news that Kaleb Prewett has left the K-State team

There was a basketball game that happened too. And Eric brought us his wonderful preview for a game that was not so great.

Since yesterday was signing day, we get all our breakdowns today. JT has his roundup and breakdown of the 2016 class; Pro Tip: It's not all bad. Around the K-State beat: Ken Corbitt at the Captial Journal says Bill Snyder likes what he got this year. Kellis Robinett at the Eagle/Star reports that Bill Snyder is high on this class, even if the recruiting rankings don't have any love for K-State.

The Wildcats had trouble with turnovers and fouls in last nights game in Lawrence (Robinett, Eagle). Things looked bright early, but the Cats were just unable to maintain that hot start (Corbitt, Cap-Journal). Bill Self also had some strong words for a member of his own team after the game, calling the late dunk by Brannen Greene "classless" and a "[expletive} move" (Robinett, Eagle). K-State SID has their official recap too.

The women fared worse in their road game. The Baylor Bears dismantled the Lady Cats to the tune of 87-52 in a game that was never close. For Baylor Alexis Jones scored 15 points on perfect shooting in the rout, and the Bears are now 22-1, 9-1 while the Cats fall to 14-7, 4-6 (AP via Cap-Journal).