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Recruiting, Transfers, and Basketball, Oh My!

Football dominates National Signing Day, while the basketball teams faces off against KU to close out the day.

What new players will be running through the tunnel next season?
What new players will be running through the tunnel next season?
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

SprotsGAT made her front page debut yesterday by examining historical scenarios where the massive underdog upset the heavy favorite. She did this to give us hope as the 'Cats head into the possessed barn house tonight to face off against the Earl of Surrey Self and his army of annoying fake birds.

On a more serious note, Holly Rowe had a tumor removed yesterday and all of us here at Bring on the Cats wish her a speedy recovery.

On the eve of National Signing Day the big news out of Wildcat land was the announcement that third (maybe fourth) string QB Jonathan Banks will transfer. (Capital Journal)

Following the announcement Jonathan's father, Sean Banks, spoke with reporters regarding his son's decision to transfer, and Jonathan's time at Kansas State. (Timothy Everson, The Collegian)

In other football news, AM 580 WIBW will return as the home of Wildcats' sports next fall (Capital Journal)

Even though Blake Hickey received 18 different scholarship offers and has had teams calling this past weekend, he decided to stick with the commitment he made in July and sign with the Wildcats today. (Kellis Robinett, KC Star)

While the big news today is National Signing Day, the men's baksetball team happens to play a pretty big game just down the river, where they will try to end an 11 game Big 12 road game losing streak. (Kellis Robinett, KC Star)

Kansas State will have to wait awhile longer before it's next coaching search as Suzie Fritz agreed to a four year contract extension through the 2020 season. (KC Star)

Editor's note: Be on the lookout for the National Signing Day Open Thread which should post around 7 a.m. GOTZ